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What is podfic?

The word podfic is a portmanteau of "iPod" and "fanfiction" and broadly refers to fan-made audiobooks of fanfiction. Like all transformative fanworks, podfics are crafted by fans using love, passion, and loads of time. There is no magic to it, just a lot of dedication!

Why make podfic?

Being able to listen to a fic, instead of having to read it, 

But screen-reading apps exist?!

Yes, there are text-to-speech apps you can use to have a fanfic read to you. And while those are an okay, low-threshold option for making stories more accessible to everyone, there is a MASSIVE difference between "hearing the words spoken by a voice" and "having the story read to you". 

Can I record podfic if I have an accent?

Yes, of course! Remember that everybody has an accent, no matter where they're from. Most listeners find accents quite adorable, actually! Plus, the recorder’s voice is usually not noticeable anyway after the first few minutes of listening, as the brain gets used to it.